Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome to spotyourtrends ! ^^

Hai. Syt wont be really updated much due to school.
BUT. We'll try to update more stuff. Preorder might be closed down , unless there is popular demands yeah. 
So, stay tune to for more updates okay. ;)
Do note that, enquires , please direct to .
Will be much more active in our hotmail .

Lastly,spotyourtrends gives you the best. ;)

Officially opened on 25nov. For further enquires. Do mail us at mail to : and we will reply within a day. Or, just leave a tag in our cbox. Currently supplying 3 blogshops. Don't trust us, don't buy. We are scam free, and we're friendly enough to serve you. We're just students, earning some extra pocket money. So do support us!

DOLLY E.O.S #03                                                       GEO #08

Sending in orders on every Friday of th week .            Sending in orders on every Friday of th week .                    
Price: S$14.00                                                              Price:S$13.00  / 2nd pairs onwards is S$12.00  
Estimated Waiting Time: 2 ~ 4 weeks                     Estimated Waiting Time: 7 ~ 10 days ( exluding weekends )

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Special Superman Tees

Special Superman Tees

Special Superman Tees

1 for $18

Colours available(Tee):
White/ Orange/ Black/ Red/ Purple/ Pink/ Brown/ Yellow/ Blue

Colours available(Logo):
White/ Black/ Light blue/Green/ Navy blue/ Royal blue/ Red/ Yellow/ Purple/ Orange/ Brown/ Beige/ Lemon yellow/ Gold metallic/ Silver metallic/ Neon yellow/ Neon green/ Neon orange/ Neon pink/ Baby pink/ Sky blue/ Apple green/ Flame red/ Violet

Sizes available:
Please refer to the size chart above.
Sizes 40 and above, additional $3 per tee.